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Mercy B. Pina-Brito, Esq.


"Success in life is not measured by the wealth amassed or the material things secured, but by the satisfaction received when helping others in their time of need."    

  • Attorney Pina-Brito’s practice focuses mostly on Immigration, Family, and Real Estate law. Throughout her career, Ms. Pina-Brito has tried 100 plus cases and successfully resolved a greater number through alternative dispute resolution avenues such as mediation and/or arbitration. 
  • Ms. Pina-Brito strongly believes in the benefits of alternative dispute resolution as a means to resolve disputes which is why she became a mediator in 2010. The biggest challenge for Ms. Pina-Brito has been to stay competitive and cost-effective in her pursuit of client matters to continue to provide excellent legal service at a reasonable cost.
  • Mercy B. Pina-Brito was born and raised in Miami Dade County, Florida where she received her Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations from Florida International University in 1992 and her Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University-Shepard Broad College of Law in 1998.  Born to immigrant parents she has fought to make her mark in the legal community. 
  • Ms. Pina-Brito began her career in the Dade State Attorney’s Office as a legal intern handling criminal trials under the supervision of the State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle and her staff Assistant State Attorneys. Thereafter, she worked for several prominent law firms as a civil litigator in Miami, Florida until she decided to hang her shingle in 2006 and has proudly remained in business ever since.
  • Ms. Pina-Brito is admitted to practice in the State of Florida and the State of Texas, the Southern District of Florida, Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District, the Middle District of Florida, Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District, and the United States Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Ms. Pina-Brito is also a Supreme Court Certified Mediator.
  • Attorney Pina-Brito is a member of the internationally known Rotary Club which continuously assists the less fortunate through various organizations and the Florida Lawyers Network. Ms. Pina-Brito has also taught aspiring legal professionals and has been published by more than one reputable publication.
  • In addition to running a practice and raising two children, Ms. Pina-Brito tries to return her good fortune to the community by participating in Pro-Bono organizations like Put Something Back and Dade Legal Aid; as well as providing mentorship to young attorneys. In her off time, Ms. Pina-Brito also enjoys playing golf and is an aspiring novelist with several works underway.
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